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free stuff by mail for babiesCheck out all the different ways you can get free stuff by mail for babies! If you are here, you are looking for one thing… Free samples and full size freebies for babies. Well, I can honestly tell you that you have come to the right place. Check out all the different freebies, samples and coupons currently available for babies and small children.

Freebies in your Mail does not directly provide anyone with samples or any free items. All samples, giveaways or contests posted are hosted by third party sites or companies.

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Free Baby Formula

One of the best freebie offers available for new mothers, families and babies is formula. This might very well be the most expensive thing you need to buy for the first few months of you child’s life. Fortunately, there are quite a few places where you can get some for free.

What does these freebies include?

  • Free baby formula
  • Free bottles
  • Free Pacifiers
  • Free washcloths
  • Free bibs
  • High value formula coupons
  • free similac formula


    Similac has a program for both new and expecting mothers where you can score over $400 in free stuff. This rangers from actual full size cans of formula to high value coupons or “formula checks” that can be used on future purchase. Usually, they will send a few packages over time. Once in the first few weeks or days of your child’s life and then every few weeks/months after until you child is approximately 9 months old. Signing up is completely free and will just take a few seconds. If possible, it’s a good idea to sign up before the due date in order to ensure you formula arrives on time. Sign up with them for free right here.


    free enfamil formulaJust like Similac, Enfamil offers up $400 in free stuff by mail for babies. Again, free formula, high value coupons (checks) and other baby freebies. Again, these will comes right away and you will get more over time. You can read all about the freebies they are offering up by visiting their site right here. Make sure, if it’s possible, that you sign up as early as as you can to ensure the formula gets to you in plenty of time.

    Nestle Good Start

    Again this is just another formula company that is offering up some free stuff for new mothers and their babies. Just like the last two, you will get free formula and high value coupon good on future formula purchases. The main difference is Nestle offers up freebies from day one through month 24. Their offers are constantly changing and the best way to learn exactly what they have available is by visiting their site directly.

    Formula Freebie Tips

    Here are few tips you may want to keep in mind if you’re interested in signing up with these formula companies. Firstly, sign up as early as you can. Formula lasts for a long time and you are better off having a few cans sitting around while you wait for baby than not having enough when the baby arrives.

    Secondly, sign up for all of them. While you are likely to prefer one of the three and stick with that brand, there are benefits to signing up for all of them. Remember, formula is very expensive and there is never a shortage of babies. Use your extra formula and formula checks to trade with friends. Don’t know any new mommies? Don’t them to your local women’s shelter. Heck, some people even sell their formula checks on Ebay at close to face value. Point is, it’s worth signing up for all three.

    free formula checks

    Free Baby Sample Boxes

    Free sample boxes for babies is another way to get some great free stuff. The main benefit being that you will get several freebies with one order. There are a ton of places where you can score boxes full of free stuff by mail for babies. Check out the list of them below:

    free walmart baby box

    Walmart Baby Box

    Walmart isn’t only known for having the lowest prices, but also for being a great place to get free samples. When it comes to their baby box, they don’t disappoint. When you sign up for their free baby registry, they wills end you a box full of baby samples. These boxes vary over time but you could expect the follow: Onsies, diapers, wipes, bibs, baby bottles, lotion, baby detergent, breast pads, small samples of formula and tons more. This is something that is definitely worth signing up for. Like most other freebies that have been offered up by Walmart in the past, it’s 100% free and will arrive reasonably quickly. Get more info about the Walmart Baby Box Here.

    Target Baby Box

    The next free baby box we are going talk about is from Target, another internet giant. Like Walmart, they offer up a freebie box for expecting mothers. Once you create a free baby registry with them, you will gain access to the free welcome kit. This kit contains over $80 in free coupon and “handpicked” samples. The main difference between this box and they others we will be talking about is that you will need to pick it up at your local store. When creating your registry make sure to choose the closest Target to your home. This will make it much easier to pick up your welcome kit. You can read more about the Target Baby Box here.

    The Baby Box Co.

    The Baby Box Co. offers a great freebie box for new babies. This box contain freebies like onesies, burp cloths, and more. An interesting thing about this offer is that they box they send you actually doubles as a type of bassinet. They baby box can actually be used as a safe place to lie your baby down for a nap or to stop them from falling. This is great to take with you as a smaller, easier to carry, replacement to a pack and play. Get more info about their offer right here.

    Hello Baby Box

    Last but not least, grab yourself a free baby box from Hello Baby. This box comes with the following items: sample sized bottles of Cetaphil lotion, sample packs of diapers, sample packs of wipes, stickers and more. The contents of the box may vary over time. Something else to keep in mind is that not every one will qualify for this freebie. Although, it is free to sign up for and well worth a try. Check the Hello Baby promotion here.

    Free Breast Pump

    free breast pumpThis is a great offer from Lansinoh, we well known and loved baby product company. They have an offer on their website for a free breast pump for new mothers. This is pump is made for ease and comfort. It’s electric, which makes pumping much easier. Another benefit is it comes with two bottle attachments so there is no need to pump one bottle at a time.

    The one draw back for this offer is that it requires that you be insured. According to their website, “Most insurance policies cover breast pumps at no cost. Our simple, no-hassle tool makes it easy to choose and receive your pump.”. Basically what this means is they will do the heavy lifting for you, all you need to do is have insurance. So, the good news is, if you’re covered, they will be able to get you your free pump. The bad news is, there is no way to get this item for free if you are uninsured.

    Diapers and Wipes

    When it comes to diapers and wipes, there are two companies that come to mind, Huggies and Pampers. Both of these companies have a rewards program that is completely free to join. While they don’t always have direct freebies, you can accumulate points when you purchase their products and participate in their offers. These points add up on your account and can be redeemed for discounts, freebies and other cool free stuff by mail for babies. Not to mention the fact that joining these networks is completely free and you will also gain access to money saving coupons.

    pampers rewards


    The Pampers rewards program allows you to get discounts in your favorite stores, free Pampers products, baby toys and little treats for you. It works like any other rewards site. You sign up for free, create your account and fill out your profile. This will just take a few minutes. Once signed up, you will get 100 points for registering, 100 points for downloading their app and 50 bonus points for scanning your first code. These codes can be found on any Pampers brand products that you buy. They also put out bonus point codes regularly. These codes can get you up to 100 bonus points.

    Just save these points and use them to redeem various freebies from their site. Just a few examples of the things you can request: Wipes and diapers, children’s toys and books and high value coupons. Their selection is constantly changing so there are always new baby freebies. Another benefit is the app makes it easy to scan product codes and input bonus codes when they go live. Most people gather enough points to request freebies several times per year (depending on the type of item you order). You can sign up with Pampers for yourself right on their website.


    Just like Pampers, Huggies has a rewards program as well. They work much in the same way. In fact, the main difference is that Huggies actually allows you to redeem points for gift cards as well as free baby items. Visit their site and create a free account to get started. You can download their app too. When ever you come across or purchase any Huggies brand products make sure to upload the codes for points. They also have surveys you can take and things to share on social media for even more points. Visit their offer page and see for yourself.

    Free Books for Kids and Babies

    Thanks to Dolly Parton, you can get free books for you baby and young children that are 5 years old or younger. The program is called the Imagination Library and it’s goal is delivering free books to kids. There is a wide variety of books available for free. For example, books like The Little Engine That Could and The Bug Book are perfect to read to infants and very young children. They also have books that would suit toddlers and children up to 5 years of age. They also have books for older kids. For example, The Kissing Hand and Pete the Cat.

    free books for kids and babies

    The way it works is simple. You just visit the Imagination Library website and search for their availability. You can do this by entering in your country as well as your zip code. If there are books available in your area, you will need to register your child with a free account. Don’t worry, books are completely free and they even cover shipping costs.

    The best part about this program is that it isn’t just one freebie. Once you have registered, your child will get a a new book each and every month. This starts from the day you register. They also have a section of the website just for parents where you can get info about how best to encourage your child to love reading from a young age. In addition, you will find a bunch of printable worksheets and stories. Visit the Imagination Library to see if they are available in an area near you.

    More Free Baby Stuff

    If this massive list of free baby stuff from companies isn’t enough for you and you still want more. Check out this tips on how you can score even more free baby samples by mail without surveys.

    The Hospital

    One of the first places you can get some free stuff for your baby is the hospital. Whether it’s baby spit up blankets, little knit hats or prepaid baby formula, there is a massive supply there. While it wouldn’t be advised to fill out a duffel bag of supplies, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a few of these items home with you for the trip.

    Your Pediatrician

    Most people don’t know this but doctors get free samples all the time. They are offered up these freebies from pharmaceutical reps and are encouraged to share them with patients. It’s safe to assume that a pediatrician would get baby related samples. It doesn’t hurt to ask the doctor if he or she has any in stock.

    As you can clearly see, there are a ton of freebies you can get for your baby. Take advantage of all that you can to help save money and get as many free baby samples as possible.

    Did you notice anything missing from this list? If you know of any baby samples you think should be added, feel free to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page or on social sites. For instance, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Above all, enjoy all the free samples!


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