20 Free Boxes of Samples (tons of freebies)

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free sample boxesWhat’s better than a free sample? How about a box that is full of them! Check out this brand new list. This one is for free sample boxes. Each of these boxes have multiple samples, making them a great freebie offer. We have seven different boxes that are either available right now or that will be available in the next few weeks and you can sign up now. Grab these great freebies while the supplies last.

Freebies in your Mail does not directly provide anyone with samples or any free items. All samples, giveaways or contests posted are hosted by third party sites or companies.

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Claim your free sample boxes using the list below:

  1. Free Dr Pepper Freebie Box
  2. Free Bundoo Bundles Sample Box
  3. Free Schar Game Night Box
  4. Free Holiday Gift Box from Fine Cooking Magazine
  5. Free Sample Box from Generation Active
  6. Free Total Beauty Sample Box
  7. Love With Food Snack Box Giveaway
  8. Proctor & Gamble

  9. Free P&G Baby Box – This one is very easy to get. In fact, you can claim it right on Walmart’s website. The main benefit of getting samples from Walmart is the speed and quantity. They rarely, if ever, run out of stock and they deliver the boxes very quickly compare to other companies.
  10. PinchMe Boxes

  11. The #1 sample box is PinchMe – Pinche was one of the first companies to offer up full size boxes of freebies and it’s still number one. Not only do they send out a ton of sample boxes every single month, but they also have full size individual freebies. The full size samples are usually offered up several times a year. To ensure that you get your box, make sure that you fill out your profile completely when signing up with them.
  12. Daily Goodie Box

  13. Daily Goodie Box – Much like PinchMe, Daily Goodie Box also sends out monthly boxes of samples. Though they are a little bit harder to claim lately. There are a lot of people who have recently been complaining that it’s getting harder and harder to get freebies from them. None the less, it’s free to sign up and will just take about a minute, so it’s well worth the time.
  14. Walmart Beauty Box

  15. Walmart Beauty Box – $5 shipping (worth much more). These beauty boxes from Walmart come out once a season (Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall). They do charge a $5 shipping fee BUT the box is full of freebies and samples that are usually worth about $20-$40 in total, depending on the box.
  16. Sample Source Sample Boxes

  17. SampleSource Box – Another amazing freebie box company that sends out boxes seasonally is Sample Source. Once ever season they have a bunch of full size and deluxe size samples available. All you need to do is sign up with the (again totally free) and wait for the new line of offers to go live (they will email you ahead of time). They number of samples you will get does vary but we have never once gotten less than a box of 3. They just sold out of the last one. Sign up now to get the next in a month or so.
  18. Honorable Mentions

  19. Free Hershey Candy Sample Box – This one is from Viewpoints and likely has much less stock than some of the other freebie boxes but looks delicious!
  20. Full Size Mom Resource Sample Box Free – Another limited quantity box that might be a littler harder to get.
  21. Free Sample Box from The Kit and Sampler – A great new offer from Sampler with a bunch of cool freebies in it.
  22. Free Sample Boxes from Walmart – Walmart never disappoints when it comes to free samples.
  23. Baby Boxes

  24. P&G Baby Box Freebie
  25. Free Sample Box from Hello Baby
  26. Walmart Baby Box
  27. Free Baby Box from The Baby Box Co

free sample boxes by mail

Ensuring you get the most from your free sample boxes

When it comes to ordering free sample boxes by mail, you really can’t go wrong. They are simply to order, 100% free and come with multiple freebies. Some of the offers from Walmart, Sample Source and Allure are very straight forward. Sign up. Pay the shipping if required (Walmart beauty box and Allure) and sit back and wait a few weeks for your box.

That said, companies like PinchMe and Daily Goodie Box rely on advertisers to provide them with the freebies. What does this mean? Well the advertiser wants to make sure that they are sending their product to a potential customer. This is why it is very important to fill out your profile 100% completely. This will ensure that you get as many freebies as possible in your sample box.

Much like sample boxes, companies like Viewpoints rely of feedback to provide you with full size freebies. It works like this: A company want feedback on their new line of products. Viewpoints provides potential customers with their products to test and keep for free. In exchange for the free item, the customer provide the company with valuable feedback. This is a win, win for everyone involved.


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