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Free Walmart Baby Box

This is a offer from Walmart for a free baby box. This box is filled with samples relating to babies and infants. Most likely you will get some diapers, lotions, shampoo and wipes, though they do not list what is in it. To get yours, visit their order page using the link posted below: Make sure you look for the button that says order your welcome box.

Get your box of freebies right here.

Free Welcome Bag from Target Baby Registry ($60 value)

While supplies last, you can sign up for Target’s baby registry and get some pretty amazing free stuff. Though the contents may vary from store to store, you will get the carrying bag, some baby supplies such as baby bottles, pacifiers and the like, diapers, lotions and baby creams and even wipes. Signing up is totally free and you get your baby bag the next time you stop at any target store.

Get yours for free right here.