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Free Confadent Gum Samples

Now, you can enjoy the fresh taste of gum all while keeping your mouth clean, thanks to Confadent. For a limited time, they are giving away samples so you can see for yourself. In order to claim this tasty freebie for yourself, just visit the contact page on their website (linked below) and enter in your contact information. Please keep in mind that this offer will last only while they have the supply.

You can get yours right here.

Free Snack and Protein Bars from Quest

Would you like a few free protein bars or snack bars? If so, you will be happy to know that, thanks to Quest, you can request a few for yourself. They are offering you the opportunity to request these samples right on their contact page (they have a special option just for this). Just fill out the form and they will send one or more out to you ASAP.

Order your free protein bars right here.

Free Rio Coffee Sample

How would you like a free sample of coffee? While supplies last, you can request a freebie from Rio Coffee. They are giving away free sample packs of their coffee right on their website. You will notice a section at the bottom of the page that says “Free Coffee Sample” with an area where you can send them a message.

Snag the freebie on their site right here.

Free Crackers or Cookies from Back to Nature

This is an offer from Back to Nature for a free box of either their cookies or their crackers? So what do you have to do get this freebie? Just visit their site and fill out the form. You will need to tell them where to send the freebie and also why it is you want to try out their products. Simple as that.

Grab your free cookies or crackers right here.

Free BSN Protein Crisp Bar

Would you like some free power snack bars? This is a tasty freebie brought to us by BSN. BSN is known for making high protein supplements and foods. For a limited time, they are giving away free sample full size bars of their Protein Crisp Snack Bars. You can claim your free snack bar right on their site linked below:

You can request your free bar right here.

Free Energy Bite Samples from Compete

Would you like a free energy snack? Right now, thanks to Compete, you can taste two different flavors for free. Order a sample right on their site and they will send out a free sample of both their chocolate and mocha flavored energy snacks. This offer won’t last forever, so don’t wait to long to order yours.

Claim your freebie right here.

Free Holiday Tea Samples from Celestial Seasonings

Would you like some free holiday flavored tea? Right now, thanks to Celestial Seasonings, you can get just that. Celestial Seasonings will be giving away 1,785 freebies of their holiday flavored tea each and every day through 12/15/2016. If you are one of the first that day to request it, they will send you one for free.

Visit their giveaway page right here.

Free Spice Gourmet Spice Samples

Right now, and while the supplies last, you can get a sample of spice blend from Spice Gourmet. They are promoting this offer live on their site though they are asking that those who are interested email them with the request along with their name and the address where you want them to send the freebie packets.

You will need to send an email to You can also take a look at the live offer on their site over here.

Free 2oz Sample of North Prairie EV Canola Oil

Do you use cooking oil? Would you like a free sample of EV Canola Oil? Well, thanks to North Prairie, you can get a 2oz sample just for joining their mailing list. It’s simple as that. Use the link below to get to their order page and fill out the form. They will send out your free 2oz oil sample ASAP.

Get this freebie from them right here.

Free Ready Pack Meal from RainyDay

For a limited time, you can order yourself a free ready pack meal from RainyDay. Choose from either beef chicken teriyaki with rice, stroganoff with noodles or lasagna with meat sauce. These meals can be stored for emergencies or eaten whenever you like. You can order the freebie right on the companies sample order page posted below.

Your can request your freebie right here.